On November 3, 2020, The Hidden Genius Project launched its inaugural Alumni Venture Seed Fund — a dynamic $150,000 program designed to support the advancement of our young entrepreneurs through the 5 phases of startup development, while intentionally supporting a deeper understanding of the space and application.

Since the launch of our program, our Hidden Genius Alumni have been busy researching their customer base through the Business Ideation and Validation Phase in our Venture Seed Fund. From market segmentation to stakeholder updates to entity formation, our entrepreneurs are learning how to take their ideas from concept to market. In January 2021, our entrepreneurs started their journey on how to source high-quality talent to help them develop a minimum valuable product.  

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Honorebel Walker, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

As an Oakland native, Honorebel Walker cultivated his skills as a strong leader through his experience as a varsity sports captain and resident assistant at his boarding school. His goals are to have ownership of his ideas, creativity, and designs that will help improve the conditions of Black men and women all over the world. 

Honorebel Walker is currently studying Design Engineering with a minor in architecture at the University of San Diego and is expected to graduate in 2023. When he graduates, Honorebel will continue to scale his company Divine Errands, a personalized errand service, and open his own sustainable design company as a creative entrepreneur. 

James Green, OAK4 Hidden Genius Alum

James Green, Co-Founder of Fixmykix, an online marketplace for shoe restoration and customization. James is from Oakland, Ca, and has had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since he joined The Hidden Genius Project’s Intensive Immersion Program in 2016. 

He is now on a mission to launch Fixmykix into the App Store by the end of 2020 and continue to find innovative solutions to help others in his community.

Perry Irving, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

Perry Irving, a 20-year-old technologist and skateboard enthusiast from Oakland, CA is the Founder of Creation Skateboards. He developed Creation Skateboards to help skaters design and create their own customizable skateboard using a mobile device. 

Perry is currently majoring in Computer Science at San Francisco State University and plans on using his degree to become a Software Engineer.

Ronald Bolden III, RICH1 Hidden Genius Alum

Born and raised in Pinole, CA, Ronald Bolden III is an 18-year-old sophomore at San Diego State University. He is currently studying Business Management with a focus in entrepreneurship and minoring in political science. After undergrad, Ronald plans on becoming a lawyer, with the ultimate goal of becoming a judge one day. 

During his time in the Intensive Immersion Program, Ronald blended his passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and law to create his tech project called Fix Ya Ticket, which aims to help people who receive traffic violations and educate them on ways to fight common infractions.

Malik Poole, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

Malik Poole is a sophomore at Morehouse College majoring in Software Engineering. During his time in our Intensive Immersion Program, Malik created an app called H.I.R.E (Helping Inmates Reach Employment) to help formerly incarcerated people find job opportunities and fight recidivism. 

Now as a Youth Educator and avid social justice activist, Malik has inspired numerous young people to leverage technology to empower their communities through speaking engagements at Brothers Code, Fall Regional Conference for Region VI of NSBE, Know Your Rights Camp in Miami, the Remembrance Day Rally against Police Brutality and Community Violence, the Black Student’s Awards Night at Deer Valley High School, and several protests.


Jackson Cummings
Investor, Salesforce Ventures

Jackson Georges Jr.
Vice President, Capital G

Zach Singleton
Sr. Product Manager, Marketplace Trust & Privacy Engineering, Uber

Joey Flores
Chief Marketing Officer, Chefling Inc. 


Andrew Overton
Co-Founder & CTO, Saga

Darian Chornodolsky
VP Platform Growth, Wirewax

Lisa Love
Co-Founder & CMO, Tanoshi

Tracy “Ty” Moore II
Executive Coach & Co-Founder, VeraVis

Jeremy Evans-Smith
Founder & CEO, Ascending

Shani Fox
Software Developer, Zippity, Inc.

Paul Navarro
Counsel, Perkins Coie LLP

Scott Hanselman
Partner Program Manager, Microsoft

Amhed Herrera
Software Engineering Lead, Dropbox

Eli Taylor
Sr. Software Engineering, Cypher LLC.

Glen Jarvis
Sr. Systems Engineer, Technology Solutions Group, SiriusXM Radio/Pandora

Adarius Bell
Designer, Jordan Brand Global, Nike

Alphonso Sensley II
VP – iOS Software Engineer II, Bank of America

Matthew Dedon
Attorney, Start Art Legal

Marisa Richardson
Director, Strategy Program Integration, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Benjamin Webley
Director, Gaming, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Ted Paff
Founder, Bootstrap Thinking

Erik Moore
Managing Director, Base Ventures

Baris Akis
Co-Founder & President, Human Capital

Armaan Ali
Co-Founder & CEO, Human Capital

Kelly Littlepage
Founder & CEO, OneChronos

Suzeth Campos
University Recruiter, GoDaddy

Allison Caragan
Administrative Business Partner, Capital G 

Daniel Jhin Yoo
Founder, Goalbook



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