Join the Uber Career Prep Program and take your STEM skills to the next level in this dynamic software engineering fellowship program. This seven-month program will consist of five virtual workshops facilitated by experts in the field. Topics will vary for each session covering a range of competencies which include technical interview skills, insights into how top engineers succeed, communication and self-marketing skills, engineering competencies, and more.

Due to COVID-19 and the inability to guarantee approval of tourist visas, instruction for the 2023 program will be fully virtual.


  • College Students in a U.S., Canada, Brazil, or Mexico graduating in 2025 or 2026
  • Community College Transfer Applicant (Two-year and four-year students studying computer science or a related field that will start a 4-year program by Fall 2023)
  • Major or concentration in Computer Science or another closely related field
  • Demonstrate a dedication to Uber Career Prep Program’s mission (you can review the mission above at the top of this page)
  • Passion and drive to be successful in the tech industry (this will be assessed via application questions and program interviews)

Application Process

  • Candidates MUST complete this application form
  • Applications Due: November 28, 2022 (including resume, transcript, and essay questions)
  • Interview Scheduling: December 12-23, 2022
  • Interview Dates: January 3-13, 2023
  • Program Start: January 26-27, 2023
History of the Program

In 2017, The Hidden Genius Project partnered with Uber to launch a first-of-its-kind Career Prep Program for college engineering students. Our goal was to develop a scalable approach for mentoring and preparing young men of color to thrive in technology careers. With the guidance of Uber engineers, this program provides aspiring computer science majors the opportunity to learn technical interview skills, communication, self-marketing skills, and insights into how top engineers succeed. In 2018, 16 Black male college students from around the nation joined the inaugural cohort and completed the program. To date, this program has expanded to serve numerous young people from several countries around the world.