The Hidden Genius Project seeks to reveal the true potential of Black male youth and transform their communities from the inside out. Through our holistic student-centered, project-based approach, we invest in young Black men, give them access to technology training, and plug them into an ecosystem of  innovation and empowerment.


Reveal  •  Create  •  Transform

Our Intensive Immersion Program is a 15-month holistic mentorship experience that provides computer science, software development, entrepreneurship, and leadership training to Black male high school students in Oakland, Richmond, and Los Angeles, CA.


Black Males  |  Rising 9th-11th Graders  |  No Programming Skills Required


Demystify  •  Debunk  •  Expose

The Hidden Genius Project offers FREE single and multi-day events and workshops led by our Youth Educators throughout the year with the express aim of igniting interest and exposing boys and young people of color to mentors, basic computer programming, and pathways to tech careers.

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On-site Community Programming

Since 2012, The Hidden Genius Project has served thousands of young people through its intensive and exposure-based programming. One of the cornerstones of our growth has been our ability to introduce collaborative programming on-site with our community partners. Through this component, we have deployed dozens of alumni from our Intensive Immersion Program as Youth Educators to facilitate technology programming for local youth and the greater community.

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On November 3, 2020, The Hidden Genius Project launched its inaugural Alumni Venture Seed Fund — a dynamic $150,000 program designed to support the advancement of our young entrepreneurs through the 5 phases of startup development, while intentionally supporting a deeper understanding of the space and application.


Join the Uber Career Prep Program and take your STEM skills to the next level with this incredible year-long internship, facilitated by experts in the field. Topics cover a wide range of competencies which include technical interview skills, insights into how top engineers succeed, communication and self-marketing skills, and engineering competencies.

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