Genius Lab is a youth-centered, project-based platform co-designed by and for young people of color to gain computer science, software development, and entrepreneurship skills. This first-of-its-kind curriculum includes teaching modules, videos, and interactive content all developed and narrated by young Black technologists, creators, and entrepreneurs. Removing physical and mental barriers by demystifying technology-centered skills for our Black community has now grown into programming for the community at large.


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The COVID-19 pandemic shifted our lives into a digital realm, while exposing the gap and unequal access of rich and poor communities to technology. Online curriculum has never been more important in continuing education. In the summer of 2020 amidst COVID-related closures, The Hidden Genius Project was positioned to seamlessly transition our 15-month Intensive Immersive Programming, Catalyst, and Community Partner Programs to an online format, which in turn provided a more robust testing of our curriculum. Throughout this time, we expanded awareness and increased participation in our programming, engaging numerous young people both nationally and globally.

Content developed and curated by Black male youth, Geniuses of The Hidden Genius Project

Designed to engage learners at any level to propel them to make meaning of and explore potential pathways related to computer science and entrepreneurship

Adaptive learning technology to shape a more meaningful and personalized experience


Virtual learning has taken center stage as people at varying education levels and backgrounds have discovered the ability to expand their technical and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge outside of a physical classroom setting. Access to and understanding how to use technology has become the key to entrance to high-quality educational resources, job training, and career development.

We seek to offer young people of color engaging, supportive, competency-based technology education experiences that support their talents and interests. Using technology as a foundation, participants will learn key leadership development principles, problem solving, and entrepreneurial skills, to effect positive change in their lives and communities.

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