The Hidden Genius Project is a fast-growing, national organization founded by five Black technologists and entrepreneurs in Oakland. In 2012 we launched our award-winning Intensive Immersion Program, serving five students in our first year, while staffed entirely by volunteers and a budget of $1,500. In year three, we were the winner of a $500K Google Impact Grant. By year five, Google doubled its investment with $1M in support. Now coming off the heels of celebrating our decade of impact and growth last year, we are excited to share the latest, high-impact projects and opportunities for partners to support and invest in. 



2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

As we continue to support our young people and expand our services both locally, nationally, and globally, we offer the following sponsorship opportunities for partners like you who are committed to investing in our Hidden Geniuses and the greater community. 

Genius Lab


The new wave of youth-centered digital literacy courses designed exclusively by students of color

Genius Lab is a youth-centered, project-based platform co-designed by and for young people of color to gain computer science, software development, and entrepreneurship skills. This first-of-its-kind curriculum includes teaching modules, videos, and interactive content all developed and narrated by young Black technologists, creators, and entrepreneurs. Removing physical and mental barriers by demystifying technology-centered skills for our Black community has now grown into programming for the community at large.

Hidden in Plain Sight


An inspiring pilot fund highlighting a group of Black entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change the world

“Hidden in Plain Sight” is an inspiring coming of age story that spotlights three young Black men among a large group of peers as they move through The Hidden Genius Project, an organization that believes these young men are the gold in our community. They have untapped brilliance and value but live thinking it’s not possible for them to be leaders in Tech. This film creates space for these young men to tell their story in their words as they embark on this risky journey to achieve a goal they aren’t convinced can happen. We listen with an unflinching lens as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and systems that shape their worldview.

We begin our story in Oakland, California, where we’ll get a glimpse into their authentic struggles as these men and their group of peers navigate the pressures of life, and the demands of the program that works to bind them together.

10 Years of Genius


Celebrating a decade of revealing true potential in youth of color

This year The Hidden Genius Project proudly celebrates its 10th Anniversary — #10YearsOfGenius — highlighting a remarkable decade of revealing over 400 Black male entrepreneurs, changemakers, and technologists through our flagship Intensive Immersion Program, while exposing nearly 8,000 youth of color to inspiring career pathways and skills within our Catalyst and Community Partnership Programs.

Click the button to read a message from our Founding Executive Director, Brandon Nicholson, Ph.D., about this monumental milestone.

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