“Hidden in Plain Sight” is an inspiring coming of age story that spotlights three young Black men among a large group of peers as they move through The Hidden Genius Project, an organization that believes these young men are the gold in our community. They have untapped brilliance and value but live thinking it’s not possible for them to be leaders in Tech. This film creates space for these young men to tell their story in their words as they embark on this risky journey to achieve a goal they aren’t convinced can happen. We listen with an unflinching lens as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and systems that shape their worldview.

We begin our story in Oakland, California, where we’ll get a glimpse into their authentic struggles as these men and their group of peers navigate the pressures of life, and the demands of the program that works to bind them together.



Perry Irving is an identical twin and when he started in the program, he was cripplingly shy. He couldn’t put a sentence together nor look someone in the eye. It was clear he had a tough time in his youth. Like the others, this program drew out the best in him and we want to see what he’s capable of doing now. He’s a bright guy and a great skateboarder. He loves the camaraderie and freedom of skateboarding. He also established his own youtube channel reviewing video games with thousands of subscribers. The differences between his personality with his twin is very revealing. Will we get the joy of witnessing Perry’s transformation?


We walk the tightrope with James who walks out of both school and the program only to return – twice! Will he finally stay? James has a big personality and will lay it down in plain English for he’s incredibly charming and a great bullshitter. Both of his parents are activists but James got with the wrong crowd and spent time working the street. He's accessible and wears his heart on his sleeve. He has a shoe fetish which lead to the creation of his company that restores shoes. Will James become the solid leader he’s destined to be?


Zebreon was a hot shot athlete who got a scholarship to Oklahoma. He appears to have it all but as it happens more often than not, things fell apart and he landed back home. What happened and how will he rebound? He returned to struggles with family drama. He focused his energies on cyber security with a sense of duty to serve others. He’s respected in the program for his innate sense of responsibility and his easy laughter. He is funny as hell and yet carries a dark side that he keeps close to his vest. Will Zebreon come to terms with his dark side to stay focused on his goals?


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