Date:  Tuesday, June 29, 2021

On June 17, The Hidden Genius Project concluded its free, remote Community Partner Programming web design series in Los Angeles. Over the past six-weeks, Hidden Genius Alum Youth Educators introduced middle and high school boys and girls to the basics of front-end web development by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each participant completed the program with web-based landing pages focused on community issues they were passionate about such as ocean pollution, homelessness, racial injustice, and college access.

The students represented community organizations across Los Angeles including Brotherhood Crusade, ACLU Youth Liberty Squad, Young Eisner Scholars, Determined to Succeed, ScholarsMatch, and Teens Exploring Technology.

“My website displays the solution to the South Los Angeles food desert crises, more specifically it will be an online representation of an educational campaign that specifically exhibits the development of a local community garden/gardens, show healthy eating options, and how to plant properly.”

Jasmine Hernandez

“I think introducing us to Invision offered a chance to grow creatively and just expand the tools we have. I think targeting a problem to solve in our community was also really interesting.”

Andrea Cortez

“I think that classes like this should be offered in the future since there are many students that are willing to learn more about coding and the basics. Introducing coding to students will allow them to discover an interest that they were not aware of, and the class will enable them to develop skills that they were not aware of. Having a couple more weeks would further enhance the students' abilities in coding and designing web pages.”

Tommy Hernandez

Special thanks to Broad Foundation and Service Titan for their partnership and support.