By: Andrew Ramos, Reporter, CBS Chicago
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

CHICAGO (CBS) — A program is aiming to enrich the lives of Black teens with a future in technology.

CBS 2’s Andrew Ramos spent the day in Roseland with high school students on the South Side at the Chicago Tech Slam.

From the fundamentals of building the perfect sneaker to getting a crash course in coding, they’re all valuable skills that, these days, could pave the way to opportunity.

This innovative event, the first of its kind in Chicago, is called Chicago Tech Slam, where students of color from across the city had the opportunity to learn about the tech world around them.

The Hidden Genius Project, a nonprofit that trains and mentors Black male youth, partnered with Chicago-based After School Matters, TEAM, Inc, and RooR, along with others, to hold the event designed to open young minds, while tapping into the tech leaders of tomorrow.

“Young people have the opportunity to make a real connection between this idea of sports, tech and pathways. You could have a pro sports career without being on the court or the field or at the pitch,” said Brandon Nicholson, CEO of the Hidden Genius Project.

“There are careers available to them in design, but also tapping into whether they are into sports there’s also a career path in data analytics,” added Tony Diaz, After School Matters Chief Program Officer.

That type of sports analytics also on the agenda on this day, where students gained insight on the data lurking behind every major league sports game. [To continue reading, click HERE.]

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