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Obama Foundation Initiative
selects RYSE Center in Richmond for National Award

By Obama Foundation 

In April, MBK Alliance launched a new national competition to identify and invest in communities that are making steady progress to substantially improve the lives of boys and young men of color.

The Foundation selected 19 organizations across 10 states and Puerto Rico as national models to expand evidence-based initiatives to reduce youth violence, grow effective mentorship programs, and measurably improve the lives of boys and young men of color. We’re dedicated to helping these dynamic communities and organizations accelerate impact, reduce barriers and build cross-sector coalitions focused on long-term success.

One of those organizations selected for this national and prestigious award is our community partner, RYSE Center in Richmond. Over the course of the next two years, RYSE—along with the Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety and The Hidden Genius Project—will grow our collective impact, continue to elevate gender justice, and ensure boys and young men, as well as their families and communities, can live and thrive in their full humanity, love and possibility.

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The Hidden Genius Project is grateful to share its 2020 Annual Report.