This month our Hidden Genius Alumni crossed over to a new chapter of the Alumni Venture Seed Fund: the Marketing Phase. In this phase, our young entrepreneurs have been learning all aspects of marketing from the best in the game. From market research and competitive analysis to branding and logo creation, our Geniuses are understanding how to get out in front of the target population, convert, and retain them.


Brandon “Pierre” Bazile, RICH2 Hidden Genius Alum

“For market research purposes, I have shared a Google Form with my classmates to help improve my business and understand their needs.”

Gari’un Godfrey, RICH2 Hidden Genius Alum

“With the help of my Phase Coach,  I have created questions to interview small businesses for research.”

Jeremy Samuel, OAK5 Hidden Genius Alum

“I am working on my competitor spreadsheet as I continue to network with venues and people for my business.”

Julian Wilson, OAK6 Hidden Genius Alum

“I look forward to conducting more user interviews to figure out the best price point and gauge interest.”

Langston Earl Scott, OAK4 Hidden Genius Alum

“I’ve learned about how important market research and competitive analysis is for my business.”

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Dan Garraway
VP Strategy, Interactive at Vimeo

Florent Cantat
Director, CRM Backcountry

Lisa Love
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Tanoshi

Marc H. Guirand
Founder & CEO,

Tanya Diggs
Partner, Going Public PR

Karen Lewis
Founder & President, Going Public PR

Jesse Sacks-Hopenfeld
Manager, Social Media Operations, Analytics, and Influencers, Salesforce

Andrew Sacks-Hopenfeld
Director, Marketing ZO

Scott Smith
Co-Founder and COO, Fizz