This month our Hidden Genius Alumni entered a new chapter of the Alumni Venture Seed Fund: the Marketing Phase. In this phase, our young founders have been learning all aspects of marketing and social strategies from top-tier marketing experts. From market research and competitive analysis to branding and logo creation, our Geniuses are understanding how to get out in front of the target audience, convert, and retain them.


Kevin Butler, OAK4 Hidden Genius Alum

“I learned how to communicate with potential supporters and how to properly measure my KPI’s.”

Ian Bundy-Weiss, OAK5 Hidden Genius Alum

“I will be finishing my market research survey and putting the finishing touches on my wireframe as well.”

Ndene Diallo, OAK5 Hidden Genius Alum

“During the Marketing Phase, I realized how important branding is from your name to your image as it all correlates to creating and cultivating an identity around your business.”

Jayden Cummings, RICH2 Hidden Genius Alum

“I learned how to think about branding a lot more and the importance of a brand’s attitude.”

Desmond Paré, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

“I will continue to build out my pitch deck and gain a better understanding in quantifying my user data. In this phase, I am learning how to shift my target audience instead of forcing my idea to fit the desired market.

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Cliff Worley
Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing, Kapor Capital

Andrew Sacks-Hoppenfeld
Director, Marketing ZO.

Jesse Sacks-Hoppenfeld
Manager, Social Media Operations, Analytics, and Influencers, Salesforce

Lisa Love
Co-Founder | CMO, Tanoshi

Darian Chornodolsky
Head of Growth at AlphaSense

Trista Myers
Head of Events, Salesforce Ventures

Joey Flores
Chief Marketing Officer, Chefling Inc.

Florent Cantat
Senior Manager, CRO & Subscription, Vivino