Date:  Saturday, March 26, 2022

On Saturday, March 26, The Hidden Genius Project concluded its eight-week, digital magazine workshop series in Los Angeles in partnership with Compton Girls Club. This programming partnership empowered girls and non-binary youth to build up their skills in design thinking, journalism, and web development. Shout out to our LA1 Youth Educators for leading these inspiring workshops. Check out their magazine by clicking the button below.

This workshop was featured on ABC7 Los Angeles.

"I liked that we all worked together to accomplish our goals and I think this was an overall great experience."

Amanda Anderson

"I liked being able to learn new things about a topic I wasn’t really familiar with. I also enjoyed meeting new people and working together to create something."

Vanessa Dueñas

"There was always a calm fun vibe making it something to look forward to each week."

Aria Woodard