This month our Hidden Genius Alumni crossed over to a new chapter of the Alumni Venture Seed Fund: the Marketing Phase. In this phase, our young entrepreneurs have been learning all aspects of marketing from the best in the game. From market research and competitive analysis to branding and logo creation, our Geniuses are understanding how to get out in front of the target population, convert, and retain them.


Perry Irving, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

“I am excited that I am executing and getting things done. As a result of this session, I am clear on my value proposition.”

Honorebel Walker, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

“Divine will find more data to support our business model. We will point to the data more often when explaining our business model.”

James Green, OAK4 Hidden Genius Alum

 I will do more deliberate planning around being intentional with content creation and put efforts behind data analysis.”

Ronald Bolden III, RICH1 Hidden Genius Alum

“I know of a lot more marketing tools and software that can help my business. I’m excited to take advantage of this knowledge.”

Malik Poole, OAK3 Hidden Genius Alum

“As a result of these sessions, I will survey my audience to see what social media they use most to determine what social media platforms and corresponding tools to best use for HIRE.”

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Lisa Love
Co-Founder & CMO, Tanoshi

Adarius Bell
Jordan Brand Global, Nike

Florent Cantat
Sr. Omnichannel Marketing Manager

Cliff Worley
Sr. Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing, Kapor Capital

Benjamin Webley
Chief Marketing Officer, Scopely

Jesse Sacks-Hoppenfeld
Associate Manager, Social Content Strategy & Operations, Salesforce

Elizabeth Lang
Director of Brand Marketing, CPG Peet’s Coffee

Andrew Sacks-Hoppenfeld
Sr. Account Director, Brandpie


Special thanks to our generous sponsors for helping to make our Alumni Venture Seed Fund possible.