IMPORTANT: Please carefully read our program application instructions below.
Deadline to apply for our new Atlanta and Chicago sites: Friday, April 7, 2023.

  • Our program is year-round (15-months – two consecutive summers and one full school year) so you must be willing to commit to the entire term of this experience
  • Applicants must currently be in 8th through 10th grade, and will be in 9th through 11th grade next fall
  • Students must live within reach of our sites (Oakland, Richmond, CA, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago) to ensure they can attend after-school programming on time every week during the school year.
  • We encourage you to read the questions first, reflect on potential answers, and then submit a well-thought out response.
2023 Immersion Program Application

Hidden Genius Logo2023 Immersion Program Application

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our Intensive Immersion Program application as we are excited to learn more about you! We use this application to gauge your interest and commitment to our award-winning, 15-month youth development program, and gain insight into who you are. So take your time, plus a big deep breath, and try your best to answer each question thoroughly and honestly.  Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

You may also complete your responses in a word processing document (e.g. Google Docs, Word, etc.) first, then paste them in this form when you are ready to submit. This will help you spellcheck and edit your work prior to submission.

Finally, this application is intended for *YOU, THE STUDENT*, and it is critical that we get YOUR voice. Students that complete their own applications enjoy the greatest success in the admissions process as it allows us to quickly connect with you on a deeper level.

Program Eligibility

  • Black males of African descent
  • Rising 9th-11th graders
  • No programming skills required 

Applications to Oakland, Richmond, Los Angeles and Detroit are now closed. Thank you

Deadline to apply to our new Atlanta and Chicago sites: 
Friday,  April 7, 2023

First things first...NOTICE OF COMMITMENT

I understand that The Hidden Genius Project Intensive Immersion program is a minimum 15-month commitment and, if accepted, I must commit to:

  • Being an active and engaged participant.
  • Attending two (2) consecutive summer sessions, seven (7) weeks in length, that run Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm.
  • Attending school-year (after-school) sessions one day a week 4:00pm - 6:30pm (the day is based on site), one hour-long (office hour) session per week (timing based on personal preference), and 8:30am - 2:00pm on the second Saturday of every month.

Agreement to Commit
Preferred Immersion Program Site

Applicant Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information

About Your School

About You

1 - 2 hours 3 - 5 hours 6 - 10 hours 11 - 15 hours 20+ hours

Rate your interest in the following subjects from 1 (not interested at all) to 5 (very interested). 
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Extracurricular Activities 
Rate your interest in the following subjects from 1 (not interested at all) to 5 (very interested). 
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