The Hidden Genius Project

Intensive Immersion Program Summer Gallery 2019

Take a moment to check out our Intensive Immersion Programm 2019 Summer Gallery. This collection of photos highlights the fun and engaging moments of our OAK6, OAK7, RICH2 and RICH3 Hidden Geniuses in our 15-month program. Enjoy!

Join us for our highly anticipated 7th Annual End of Summer Celebration! Participate in a night of fun and prepare to be inspired as we highlight our most recent OAK6, OAK7, RICH2, and RICH3 Intensive Immersion Program cohorts along with our Hidden Genius alumni.

Thursday, September 19, 2019
6:00pm to 8:30pm
Rotunda Building (300 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland)

If you are unable to attend, and would like to support The Hidden Genius Project, please visit to make your contribution today. Thank you!

Interested in becoming an event sponsor? Email to learn more about opportunities to support our empowering and impactful community event.

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