The Hidden Genius Project Supports Geniuses Beyond the 15-Month Immersion Program

The Hidden Genius Project has been leading the way to close the equality gap in tech and empowering a new generation of game-changers by activating, connecting, and mobilizing black male youth to fuel their participation and leadership in the innovation economy. Over the years, the organization has become well known as a leader in supporting high school-aged black male youth. Yet, The Hidden Genius Project also continues to develop its alumni whose ages now range from 17 to 22, providing professional development to our alumni to support their transition into higher education and the workforce. 

The Hidden Genius Project eagerly seeks partnerships that will support our young men and their interests by way of college readiness, internships, and fee for service opportunities — developing their skillsets for success in the infinite directions where their passions may lead them.


  1. Sponsor college readiness efforts

  2. Hire and help place our alumni as interns and or partner for apprenticeships 

  3. Leverage The Hidden Genius Project’s project-based contracting


The Hidden Genius Project has invested resources to obtain full-time college and career readiness advisors through its partnership with the University of California Berkeley’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP). All Geniuses (current and alumni) receive an individualized success plan which starts on the first day of programming and is continuously re-calibrated as passions and interests shift, in order to guide Geniuses to best practices for college and career readiness success. More than 95% of our Genius Alumni are graduating high school ***(in comparison to the 69% national average amongst black students) and 95% of those Alumni are enrolling in post-secondary academic opportunities (51 alumni in total). Check out some of these stats!

***The Hidden Genius Project is also graduating 23 of 23  high school seniors as part of the 2020 class



Apply to Sponsor our Youth

  • Sponsors provide Geniuses with ongoing professional coaching, access to industry events, and connections to extended networks.
  • Sponsorships are a two-year commitment
  • Requirements to be a Sponsor include but not limited to:
    • The business/person must be lawfully operating;
    • The business/person must not have any adverse information recorded against it
  • Sponsors serve as professional referrals and advocates for Geniuses
  • Click HERE to check out our College Access Support Proposal


Data overwhelmingly shows positive employee-retention figures for companies offering internships. According to a 2009 NACE survey, nearly 40% of employers showed a higher five-year retention rate among employees they hired through their internship programs. Hidden Genius Alumni have garnered 91 internship placements at top companies in the last four years (ie.  EA, Uber, Kaiser, Autodesk, United Air, CBS interactive to name a few). These internships help the Geniuses’ abilities to develop, hone and put into action professional skills that promote growth and development, while at the same time, supports early brand recognition opportunities for companies looking to turnover new valuable talent.