The Hidden Genius Project is powered by community.
We are actively seeking volunteers to help fill a variety of roles, including:




Host a Business Trip

Students in our Intensive Immersion Program travel to tech companies on a weekly basis. Volunteers may host students at their offices to teach them about the company, allow them to observe work in action, provide a tour of the workspace, and answer questions.

Single Day: Minimum three hours

Program Site Visit

Volunteers may visit the classroom during programming to speak with students about their role and function within the technology sector, and share their personal experiences in pursuing educational and career growth.

Single Day: Minimum one hour

One-time Program Support

Support Student skill development. Volunteers may attend a short-term (single-day or weekend) program or single day of intensive classroom programming. Skill areas include technical (e.g. programming, user interface design, market research, etc.); leadership (e.g. public speaking, time management, healthy decision making, etc.), and business development–among other topics.

Single or multiple days

Ongoing Virtual Support

Volunteers unable to support programming in person may make themselves available to counsel and/or review student work remotely. Activities might include troubleshooting student code, reading writing assignments, and providing feedback via videoconference.

Ongoing / as-needed

Administrative Support

Volunteers might apply their relevant skills to support key administrative tasks, such as template/web design, external communications support, or other background functions.

As-needed on a project basis

Curriculum Development

Professionals with relevant technical skills and an interest in supporting the program more closely may work with program staff to develop appropriate technical curriculum for short-term activities.

Multiple meetings / as-needed

Ongoing Classroom Support

Individuals might volunteer with the intensive program on a regular schedule and/or assist with specific curriculum units.


Investment Partnership / Advocacy

Volunteers might advocate within their companies to support investments in The Hidden Genius Project. As the program seeks to scale its impact and serve a greater number of young people in need, volunteers might interface with company stakeholders to pursue large-scale contributions, product donations, or volunteer compensation programs, such as “dollars for doers.”