What will I learn through The Hidden Genius Project Immersion Program?

During the Immersion Program, students learn to develop software, build problem-solving skills, understand fundamental business principles, think like entrepreneurs, explore issues around personal identity and community awareness, explore social justice issues, and be strong leaders.

How do I apply to join The Hidden Genius Project Immersion Program?

Interested youth may apply for the next Immersion Program cohort at www.hiddengeniusproject.org/apply.

Where does The Hidden Genius Project's programming take place?

The Immersion Program currently meets at multiple sites in Oakland and Richmond, California.

Catalyst programming most frequently occurs in the East Bay Area. Occasionally events take place in other parts of the region.

How much does The Hidden Genius Project programming cost?

Whether it be the intensive Immersion Program, or short-term Catalyst programming, The Hidden Genius Project’s activities are free to participants.

What if I don't have a computer at home?

The Hidden Genius Project provides technology for use at all its programming.  Immersion Program participants eventually receive their own personal computers, which they can keep following program completion.

How long does the Immersion Program last?

The Immersion Program requires a commitment of at least 15 months.  A typical cohort cycle begins with a seven-week summer (40 hours per week), continues with weekly after-school programming at least one weekend day throughout the school year, and culminates in one more full seven-week summer.  After that period, students may opt to continue programming to further their skills and/or projects.

How can I bring a Catalyst program to a city near me?

While The Hidden Genius Project proudly operates in Oakland, California, it is certainly possible to bring Catalyst programming to other cities.  Interested entities should email us at contact@hiddengeniusproject.org with information about the city/region in question, likely partners for potential programming, and desired timing.

Who is the ideal participant for The Hidden Genius Project Immersion Program?

The ideal participant for The Hidden Genius Project Immersion Program is a black male entering ninth-through-eleventh grade, and is willing to commit to at least 15 months and 800 hours of programming to transform their lives and communities.
It is not necessary for them to have any experience with developing technology, but they should be very enthusiastic about the prospect of learning to build innovative projects.  There is no minimum GPA requirement, nor are there any expectations around prior experience/leadership accomplishments.
We place an emphasis on serving young people that would not normally have the means to access such an opportunity.