It's simple...

When you make a donation to The Hidden Genius Project, you are empowering black males to learn relevant technology skills, build an entrepreneurial foundation, and establish a professional network that will empower them to be innovators and agents of change.

Help us reveal the potential of one of societies most under-utilized assets: black male youth. Help us inspire young black men to create, solve problems, and meaningfully engage with the community around them. Invest in GENIUS today.

  • $50 helps pay for meals to fuel our Geniuses during our Intensive Immersion and Catalyst Programs.

  • $100 provides stipends for our Hidden Genius Alum who continue to shine their light as Youth Educators.

  • $250 helps cover travel costs for our Hidden Geniuses to lead interactive workshops and to experience new opportunities that provide exposure to a variety of career pathways.

  • $1000 pays for a computer for one Hidden Genius.


To make a donation offline, please send your contribution to:
The Hidden Genius Project
2934 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609